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At friday the 1st of december we will release the debute 7" of Landmine Heart from the Netherlands feat. ex-,members of Beans, Shaggable Sluts, Strike First, Bitter Grounds, etc.

The 7inch comes in beautifull 3-coloured silkscreened jacket!

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Landmine Heart - No Direction Home 7"
Debute 45-er. Ex-Beans, Strike First, etc
Contingent X / No Man's Land - split EP
French & Indonesian streetpunk
The Prowlers - On The Run 10"
Brickwall Oi! 2nd press, beer coloured wax
Oi Polloi / Fatal Blow - split EP
Scottish/Welsh streetpunk (feat.The Oppressed)
The Prowlers - Serial Pousseur 7"
Three new songs, sung in French
Last Rough Cause / Foreign Legion 7"
North-East England & Wales punk veterans
V/A - This Is Montreal EP
Feat. The Prowlers on red or black wax
The Warriors - Bowler Hats & Baseball Bats
Amazing looking picture disc, handnumbered
The Oppressed - Live And Loud!! CD
22 songs, superb sound!
The Establishment - Underachievers EP
86 mentality meets Blitz! 6 song 7"
The Shame - Roughneck EP
US football anthems. Coloured wax.

Foreign Legion - Always Working Class CD
Wales streetpunk, 12 songs!
Glory Days - Chaos Rise EP
New 3-track EP. Warsaw bulldozer Oi!
Glory Days / Dead End Street - split 7"
'No Future' style Oi! from Poland vs street rock'n'roll from Italy. Ltd to 300 copies.
No Man's Land - No Way Back Home LP
Indonesian bootboys on orange vinyl.

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